Safeguarding both adults and children is about preventing the risk of harm from abuse or exploitation or having the ability to reduce it by raising awareness and supporting people in making informed decisions.

If you are concerned someone is at risk of being harmed, please don’t ignore it. In an emergency please call 999. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.


If you are concerned about an adult, please see the following links for how to report your concerns:


If you are concerned about a child, please contact the Surrey Children’s Single Point of Access (SPA).

What is abuse?

Abuse can take many forms including:

  • Physical abuse – this includes being hit, shaken, kicked, being locked in a room or inappropriate restraint.
  • Sexual abuse – this includes an adult being made to take part in a sexual activity when they have not given, or are not able to give their consent.
  • Psychological abuse – this includes being shouted at, ridiculed or bullied, threatened with harm, blamed or controlled by intimidation or fear.
  • Financial or material abuse – this includes theft, fraud, financial exploitation and pressure in connection with financial matters or misuse of someone else’s finances.
  • Neglect – this includes the failure to provide essential care and support needs that results in someone being harmed.
  • Discrimination – this includes ill treatment, harassment, threats or insults due to a person’s age, gender, sexuality, disability, race or religious belief.
  • Modern slavery – this includes human trafficking and forced labour.