Providing GP services in a Pandemic

We know that many of our patients feel “cut off” from traditional GP services at present. The medical staff seem so invisible that people wonder if they are there at all!

But in reality, since the pandemic forced us to use the telephone or website services for initial consultation and triage, Glenlyn’s medical staff have found themselves carrying out 20% more consultations than they did before, but with the same number of staff.

So, despite their invisibility, Glenlyn’s medical staff are helping more patients than ever – it just doesn’t feel the same.

While the pandemic is still with us, this arm’s-length form of initial consultation will continue, but we are still doing lots of face-to-face appointments where necessary. They just tend to start with a telephone call first.

If you are tech-savvy, please keep using the website to make your requests to us, because that leaves the telephone reception less congested for those who can’t use computers or smartphones.

We are very much still here for you! Just less visible, that’s all.